Istanbul is the city of contrasts, the city that has it ‘’all’’. It’s a mix of cultures, people, feelings, places that coexist together in the most attractive way possible.

Whether you want to experience typical journeys or dishes, the famous Turkish Breakfast, posh places and cool bars, long walks along the Bosphorus, meeting interesting people- Istanbul is the place to be. It fascinated me from the first time, it was love at first sight, I must confess though that each time I was there I had another vision of it. It has so much to offer and so many ways to be seen as it opens to me like a box of chocolate from which you take one but you want one more…and then again till you do not stop. This is the right way to explore stunning Istanbul.

Here are my tips and tricks for this jewel city:


When in Istanbul, you have to try some of the coolest hotels in town! Here’ s my suggestion

  1. Mama’s Shelter by Philippe Starck, it’s a design hotel, taking the cool artsy concept to its deepest meaning: Starck strikes back once again with Mama’s Shelter chain hotels: simply a MUST
  2. A’Jia by the Bosphorus , the place for lovers, friends , good conversations and inspiring settings with amazing suites and views
  3. The Public, sharp design, trendy and chic, urban style
  4. Big Urban Stay
  5. The House Hotel, design but still classy for the public that looks for unique settings, yet elegant with the touch of the famous Smeg fridge inside and the yellow color around
  6. Soho House , the place to see and be seen, with a card. Be a member and enjoy luxury life


Be cool, hipster, design, industrial, up to date, however you wish to call yourself and check the famous neighborhood of Karaköy  (the former industrial district) and discover all cafes, bars and restaurants it has to offer. Don’t miss Dandin Bakery!

Some cool address to discover in Karaköy:


Now we enter a very wide and yummy section for Turkish cuisine that blends perfectly with fusion and all exquisite tastes of the world. All there, the target is to find THE places that make you say: mmmm. There are so many options that is really hard to chose and most probably you can’t really go wrong…

The spot not to be missed is the newly opened Nopa Restaurant ( in Nisantasi. It serves amazing kebab and meat and as well international cuisine. Go, feel trendy and eat good.

360 degrees, Kitchenette are some names on the list, too.

Changa  :

Meze :

Mikla Restaurant:

What I found really original about this lovely city is that you can find a typical neighborhood for kebab or for breakfast only: imagine a whole neighborhood for the Turkish Breakfast, which is a true feast not only a breakfast…

Try Beyoglu and Kadikoy . I loves the breakfast at Emirgan Sütis in Bebek !


Do go clubbing: from the little streets and tiny chic bars in Istiklal to the luxurious open air clubs on the Bosphorus you have all you may dream about!

My must goes are: Nuteras :

Angelique, Sortie and Su Ada.


Shop will you drop is the mood in this shopping heaven…from over 100 malls to the designer shops you find all that your fancy buds want to cherish… try the custom made stuff at Dogo (

Ah, and you just have to try an ice cream …the Sakiz one (mastic flavor) or customize the mind blowing, popular, ever loving Magnum at Magnum Store:

The list can go on and on…

This is Madame’s Travels insider view of Istanbul, enjoy and explore. Forever more!